How to Place an Order: it is easy

At Adventist Mall, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate shopping experience for our list of products and services. We handpick and make it easy for you to shop for your favorite products with convenience in your hands. It is our commitment to ship your products within hours for products in stock to three days for products sourced from our suppliers.

Enjoy convenience in ordering products and services at Adventist Mall (

  1. Find you product or Service

Find your product of choice by searching through products, brands, and categories. You can shop for Books, Music, Media, Gifts, Camping Supplies, garments, online services, and digital products. We are adding new products frequently.

  1. Choose Product Preferences

Click on your product or service to view product details. Here you can select variations for products which such options. E.g. If you are purchasing a 3 in 1 Hymnal Book then you will choose your preferred languages.

Click “Add To Cart” to add your product to the shopping cart. You can either “View Cart” or “Check Out” or continue shopping for other items you may need.

  1. Checking Out

Have you selected the products you desire? Click check out or click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page and click on check out.

On the check out page, click “Click here to enter your code” if you have a coupon code. You can also calculate shipping cost by clicking on calculate shipping and selecting your town to receive shipping cost for your product.

Update your Billing Address and fill the Ship to a different address if you would like us to send your product to a different address.

  1. Billing Information

Upon placing your order, you will receive a prompt to make payment with clear guidelines. Choose your payment gateway before your place order.

  1. Review Your Order

Carefully review your purchases, shipping costs, and payment information. Upon satisfaction, click on place order.

  1. Payment Confirmation

Click on place order and you will receive a prompt to make payment to complete order. You will receive a receipt in your email acknowledging that your have successfully place an order. If you encounter any issue, contact us at for assistance. It is for your benefit to print or save the receipt for future reference.