3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal

Where and How to Buy 3 in 1 Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal in Kenya

3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal

The 3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal is a special edition SDA hymnal song book containing the largest and best collection of English hymns, Swahili hymns, and some local languages like Kalenjin, Luo and Kisii. You can buy it at Adventist Mall online shopping store and it will be shipped to your nearest town or collection point.

What does the 3 in 1 Hymnal contain?

  • Three languages: The hymnal contains three languages – English and Swahili by default and a third local language of choice from the available options like Kalenjin, Kisii and Luo.
  • History of hymns: The hymnal comes with a detailed story behind the hymns for some songs.
  • Counsel on music for worship: The hymn contains a guide documentation for music for worship guidelines.
  • Find hymn reference: You can easily find a hymn using the hymn guide reference by checking the hymn number in English with a parallel reference to Swahili and any other supported language all in a row.

How durable is this Adventist Hymnal?

The hymnal has a hard cover protecting the precious pages of hymns allowing you to enjoy a long-term service.

Must I buy the 3 in 1 Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal with all the three languages?

No! You don’t have to buy the 3 in 1 Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal with all the languages.

You can order for a 2 in 1 Hymnal if you don’t need any additional language. However, the price remains the same for any preference you choose.

What local languages does the 3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal contain?

Currently, you can get Kisii, Luo, or Kalenjin as the third language option. We are working on additional languages and we’ll issue an update once they are ready.

Where can I use this special Adventist Hymnal?

  • Singing: You can use the hymns of praise in worship at home, school, college, worship conventions, group meetings, and personal devotion.
  • Encouragement: This hymn would the best to revitalize your faith and hope in a moment of difficulty. The hymns were written from personal experiences of composers and are a timeless consolation for our time.
  • Events: You can comfortably use the Adventist hymnal in a couple of events be it on an orchestra band, lead mass singing in a wedding, or any event where the hymns can be handy.
  • Sermon preparation: The rich stories behind some of the hymns can be a power to prepare uplifting presentations. You also have a wise selection of hymns to accompany your presentation.
  • Vacation: If you love singing as you sunbath, then you would want to keep this hymnal closer to your heart if you would like to avoid distractions from your mobile phone.

Can I gift this Adventist Hymnal?

Of course! Here are some options to consider:

Birthday gift: If she or he loves hymn songs, then you can make that upcoming birthday musical. Apart from the Happy Birthday songs, you can gift this hymn book and who knows, it could be the best gift ever.

Wedding gift: A hymnal as a wedding gift is one of the rarest yet commendable choices you can make. Imagine the couple is likely to keep it closer to their family bible and you would have contributed in making the family strong in faith!

Anniversary: Maybe you didn’t get the Hymnal as a wedding gift. You can take the advantage of an upcoming wedding anniversary to surprise your spouse.

Retirement gift: For someone going to retire, that transition can come with plenty of time. Why not make their retirement years more meaningful by gifting them a hymnal so make their days merrier!

Congratulation gift: Are you congratulating someone on their achievement? A newborn baby or something special worth of wonderful memories? The Adventist Hymnal could be one of your choices in the list.

Charity gift: Life is also about giving? Do you agree? You can buy the Adventist Hymnal for someone in need. It could be a fellow church member, a neighbor, someone, or some group of people with special needs.

That special person: So, you are in love! Or at least, you think you are! That’s a beautiful thing! Congratulations! Now it’s time to build that love by action. In addition to your galore of love words, accelerate it with a special book – a Hymnal for her or for him.

Everyone and someone: The list can be long… If you spot an opportunity to gift out this special edition, don’t hesitate. You can even call us to advise you whether the 3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal will be your best gift for that someone.

Where can I Buy this awesome Adventist Hymnal in Kenya?

You can buy the 3 in 1 Adventist Hymnal at Adventist Mall (www.adventistmall.co.ke).

To buy, go to www.adventistmall.co.ke and search for Hymnal or click this direct product link to view or purchase the hymnal.